mexico partnerships

Through regular mission trips, New Life has built relationships with people in Mexico and have made some lasting partnerships. While our team is in Mexico this June, there is another project we are raising some extra funds for. 

Below is a little history and some highlights on our current partnerships and opportunities for you to help however you see fit.

history - new life & the san quintin valley

  • YWAM trips from Petaluma started yearly in 1990 to the orphanage and migrant camps
  •  New Life participation in YWAM house building trips began yearly in 2000. In 2021, we began to include projects at Mujeres Nuevo Comienzo.
  •  San Quintin Valley is located about 250 km south of San Diego. All participants drive down in vans from the San Diego Airport.
  •  Over these years this agricultural valley has transitioned from mostly destitute work camps to field worker family plots, many of which now have YWAM homes built by New Life and many other churches
  •  A home was built for the Hernandez family about 8 years ago and New Life has partnered with Pastor Jose Luis Hernandez and his wife Irma during trips ever since
  •  In 2021, along with other churches and individuals, New Life has increased our engagement with Pastor Luis and Irma providing:

hernandez family

Pastor Jose Luis and wife Irma,

Ester (10), Zion (5), Isaac (3)


Irma completed her BS in Educational Science in 2021 and leads the work at Every Kids Hope


Ester has been diagnosed with
cancer. Surgery was April 24
th and will be followed by Chemotherapy. $40K has been raised for this
outside of New Life.

every kids hope

  • In many developing countries you cannot attend school without uniforms, books,  & supplies (EKH addresses supplies)
  • Even if resourced, hungry families send their children to work or beg, not to school (EKH addresses food security)
  • Destitute homes often need counseling and assistance to break through a poverty worldview (EKH works with families)
  • Kids left behind in their early years need remedial studies as well as a solid Christian education (EKH provides an after-school program)
  • Members of New Life and others are involved with the EKH Board of Directors to complete work on expansion and improvements for the EKH property

la puerta del cielo mission church

La Puerta del Cielo means "Gateway of Heaven" A Team of two builders from Canada will be on site for three weeks in May and will pay additional laborers and continue progress.


Team New Life will complete various labor projects on this site in June.


partnership goals

2022 Goals for Every Kids Hope:

Complete the bathrooms

Re-assembly of the red house roof

EKH back in operation

Current estimate for materials: $3,500


If you feel lead to partner with this project, you can simply click the button below to donate online. If you would like to use a check, you can drop one in a giving box on a Sunday or mail to the church office.

Donate Here

Future Goals for La Puerta Del Cielo Mission Church

Complete 1st floor walls

Construct 1st floor roof, which doubles as the 2nd story floor