Helping people discover and experience new life in Jesus by loving others the way Jesus loves us all. 

our priorities

Creating environments that help people encounter Jesus and catalyze our ongoing spiritual growth through practical teaching and powerful worship.

Creating an intentional small group culture in our church so we can equip and encourage each other to chase after all that Jesus has for us as we follow him together.

Creating spaces and relationships that invest in the upcoming generations in order to empower them to know and grow in Jesus so they will have a vibrant life in him.

Investing in opportunities that mobilize us to serve others, showing and sharing the love of Jesus in our community and in our world.

our core beliefs

We believe God loves everyone and is for us - So much so that He sent Jesus into our story to bring us out of brokenness and into a whole new life with Him. God reveals this beautiful truth in the Scriptures and ultimately it’s Jesus who gives us the clearest picture of who God is and what He is like. This is why we are really big on Jesus. He is the hope of the world!


We believe there is one God who exists in a beautiful relationship of three persons:  Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God has revealed Himself to us in the Scriptures and has created us to be in relationship with Him so that, in knowing Him we would find our greatest joy, and, in being made like Him we would reflect His beauty in our world.


We believe the Scriptures are inspired by God and have been given to us to reveal the truth about life: who God is, who we are, how we can find salvation, and live our best lives. The Scriptures are trustworthy and lead us into knowledge about God’s good purposes. They are our primary source of truth in leading us into faith and guiding us in living our best lives.


We believe Jesus is the Son of God given to us to lead us out of brokenness caused by sin and bring us into the hope of new life. Jesus is fully God and fully human and he gives us the clearest picture of what God is like and who we can become as humans. We follow him into our greatest life by placing our faith in him as our ultimate hope of salvation for both now and into eternity.


We believe salvation is offered freely to everyone through Jesus. It is through Jesus’ life and death and resurrection that we are rescued from the brokenness and evil in our world that we are all caught up in. We gain this salvation because of God’s goodness and grace by placing our faith in Jesus and what he has done on our behalf.

Holy Spirit

We believe the Holy Spirit is given to everyone who embraces the new life found in Jesus. The Spirit empowers us to live the life Jesus has freed us to live. The Spirit guides us into God’s desires for us and transforms us into the people we were created to be.

The Church

We believe the global Church is a movement of people who have stepped into new life with Jesus. As followers of Jesus, we exist to share his good news with others by bringing hope into our world through loving God with all that we are and loving others.