August 17, 2017

Our Leadership Team

Lead Pastor of New Life Kevin FinkbinerKEVIN FINKBINER – LEAD PASTOR
Kevin is our courageous leader – having begun his ministry career with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, he was attending New Life when God brought him to our Founding Pastor’s attention.  Kevin came on staff not as our Lead Pastor, it was through many different positions & some clear evidence from God that this transition unfolded.  He is now New Life’s leader & primary teaching pastor – a job description that suits him well.  Kevin is bold, authentic, visionary and quite funny.  We are incredibly grateful God called him here & he had the guts to say yes! 
707.765.0956 ext. 26

Angela is one of our veteran staffers – she’s held an incredible number of positions at New Life, but we are thrilled to have her as our Executive Pastor because it brings all of Angela’s best qualities into play.  She is a people person…sold out on the potential of a God-motivated human being, so being the one to empower & equip our staff is a great use of her passions.  But Angela is also one of the most gifted administrators we’ve seen…she has God-sized vision, but has the rare knack of breaking it down into tangible steps.  Angela is an effervescent leader. 
707.765.0956 ext. 25

Ron Hunt Pastor New Life PetalumaRON HUNT – FOUNDING PASTOR
Ron is our founding pastor & one of the most incredible people we know.  Raised in a small town in Iowa, it is nothing short of a miracle what God has been able to do in this Type B, quiet intellectual.  He is a visionary, passionate about people, wise beyond his years, tender-hearted & an incredibly hard worker.  He is responsible for many things in our church body, but he is particularly passionate about New Life’s involvement with our local community (as a chaplain, active member of the Chamber of Commerce & various other civic pursuits).  Ron is steady, insightful, and pastoral to his core. 
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Short of our Founding Pastor, Justin has been on staff the longest at New Life.  He is a vital member of our team because of the way God has gifted him in the blend of radical faith & rational planning.  As you would expect from a Worship Pastor, he is incredibly creative & talented, but when it comes to finance he submit his skill & strategic to a stricter standard of faith.  He leads & guides our church in many unseen ways & his quiet strength is a major asset to our team.  Justin is creative, brave, steady and quietly passionate.
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New Life Christian Fellowship - Petaluma CA - Church Should Be Fun!ANDREW NEWSOM – GUEST SERVICES INTERN
Andrew is an ‘inside hire’ – it is a high value at New Life to be raising up church leaders…some of whom we hope to send to international mission fields and others to be used right in our local church!  Andrew is a terrific example of the type of staff we are building: loves God passioantely, on an incredibly stretching personal journey to follow where God is leading, has been successful in his securlar positions but has sensed a calling from God towards pastoral work.  Andrew brings a giant-sized heart for people to his Guest Services position, a thirsty mind, an infectuous laugh and we are so grateful to have a front-row seat to watching his journey with God in leadership! 707.765.0956 ext. 29

Sara began by volunteering in our offices & soon it was apparent she was an asset to our team on a whole different level.  Sara is that rare blend of organized and flexible – she assists both pastors Kevin & Ron, but her helpful nature means she picks up projects for any staffer in need of assistance.  Sara is incredibly helpful, kind, friendly & dedicated in doing more than her fair share to see New Life be all it can be. 707.765.0956

Denise is the most well-connected behind-the-scenes person you’re likely to meet.  She is the voice of our reception & the brains behind many of our office management systems, but it is Denise’s kindness that has defined her reputation here at New Life.  Her job descriptions have varied wildly over the years, but the same qualities have followed her from position to position: helpfulness, flexibility, wide span of knowledge about just about anything related to New Life, kindness and problem-solving skills.  Denise is also the face of New Life to our community in a unique way – as our Rental Coordinator she is our ambassador for a gigantic mix of community members who rent out of facilities!  707.765.0956 ext. 19

There is a common theme among the support staff at New Life – these people are about the kindness, most helpful people you’ll find anyway.  Jack is the quintessential Jack of All Trades.  A professional electrician originally, Jack has spent his lifetime accumulating an impressive amount of expertise in a huge variety of handyman skills.  And he’s fearless.  So he spends his working hours (along with a scandalous amount of his free time) keeping up this beautiful campus God has blessed us with.  Jack is kind, gentle, loving, hard working, freakishly strong, and incredibly wonderful to work with.  707.765.0956 ext. 29

Our Spiritual Stewards are volunteer leaders who partner with our pastoral staff to seek God’s guidance for our church, and provide partnership and accountability for Pastor Kevin.  Rick is here to partner with you as you engage with God on your own spiritual journey. If you have any questions about New Life, he would love to hear from you. (707) 696-3044

Cody Martin - Spiritual Steward - New Life Petaluma CaliforniaCODY MARTIN – SPIRITUAL STEWARD
Cody Martin discovered New Life Christian Fellowship in 2014 and has spent the last few years developing community and serving on the worship team.  He has passion for music, people, and God.  This fuels him in his career as a music educator in Sonoma County.  Cody enjoys engaging in intentional conversations in order to better understand God’s heart, as well as another’s point of view. He also is a competitive monopoly player who has won 9 of his last 9 games. As a Spiritual Steward, Cody works with Pastor Kevin to shape paradigms that affect the flow of our church. 

Our Spiritual Stewards are volunteer leaders who partner with our pastoral staff to seek God’s guidance for our church, and provide partnership and accountability for Pastor Kevin. Jason is here to partner with you as you engage with God on your own spiritual journey.  If you have any questions about New Life, Jason would love to hear from you. (707) 477-5842

Ashley discovered New Life in 2005 as a freshmen in college and has been on quite the journey with God ever since. New Life has been the catalyst for her growth as a person and in her relationship with God and community. She has volunteered in youth ministry, as a life group leader and as a life group coach. She is now taking on the role of a spiritual steward so that she can spend more intentional time with our team asking some big questions that ultimately can lead to transformation, one of her favorite things to see in her own life and in the life of others. She loves to connect with people, engage in conversation, share life with others, and laugh a lot. She is bold, authentic, and truly has a passion for God and people.


Diva has been a part of New Life since 2005 and has loved every minute of it!  She has been in several leadership roles that have grown and challenged her in many ways. She has been a life group leader, a life group coach, Kid’s Life volunteer, and the Coordinator for the Intro program.
Outside of New Life, Diva is a veteran teacher of 13 years. Her innovative and progressive approach to teaching create an environment of learning that is nurturing, fun, and genuine.
Diva stays busy with her husband Gus, and her three kids, in a variety of ways. She loves camping, hiking, thrift-store shopping, and lounging at the beach with a James Patterson book.