Hundreds Attended and 2018 Registration is Open!

Thank you to the 200+ attendees this year, what a wealth of great info to help us all lead our people better! 2018 Information and Registration is open >>

New Life is making an investment in the leaders of our community and church by serving as a premier video host site for the largest leadership event in the world. 400,000+ participants…128 countries…and 55 different languages! Nothing even comes close. The idea behind GLS is  ‘Everybody wins when a leader gets better!’ And that means everyone in our NPO, School, church, or organization can ‘win’ because world-class training is now both convenient and affordable to our local leaders. No one has to leave town, buy airlines tickets, stay in a hotel, or eat out for days in a row. It’s all right here in our community!

Global Leadership Summit Homepage – Here’s a link that will take you directly to the Global Leadership Summit homepage.

Two different registration processes are available — one for guests (people who don’t regularly attend New Life)and one for those who regularly attend. Those who are guests need no password to register; however, if you’re from New Life, you’ll need to enter the password you received at church. If you’re in our CCB database but lost your password, please call the office (707.765.0956) or send an email to, and we’ll get you the password.